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Visual Changes® introduces Resurrection® to effectively combat the signs of aging skin. Resurrection® dramatically reduces deep wrinkles and increases skin firmness and hydration. It is a blend of potent anti-aging peptides and plant molecules that work together to repair and rebuild the skin. The peptides act as cellular messengers and gene activators to communicate molecular messages of youth and health to the genes. The plant molecules promote skin renewal and boost the skin’s defense mechanisms. Resurrection® is formulated in a natural, organic plant base and we added no chemical preservatives. It provides long-lasting anti-aging benefits to bring your skin back to life.

Unique Benefits of Resurrection®

  1. Ingredient in-vitro & efficacy studies showed the following:
    • 98% decrease in the skin surface occupied by deep wrinkles
    • 44.8% increase in skin firmness
    • 34.5% increase in skin hydration
  2. Uniquely formulated in a natural, organic plant base
  3. We added no chemical preservatives
  4. Resurrection® utilizes exceptional messenger peptides and other outstanding active ingredients that have been shown to help repair, rebuild, and resurrect the epidermis and the extracellular matrix for anti-aging effects by stimulating the following:
    • Collagen up to 327%
    • Glycosaminoglycans (Hyaluronic Acid) up to 287%
    • Elastin up to 33%
    • An increase of skin firmness up to 44.8%
    • Keratinocyte Proliferation up to 138%
    • Cell Respiration up to 282%
    • Multiplication of Fibroblast up to 105%
    • Skin Hydration up to 34.5%
    • Epidermal Lipids
    • Growth factors: epidermal growth factors (EGF), Tissue Growth Factor Beta (TGFb), and Interleukin 1a (IL-1a), all of which play key roles in the growth of healthy skin
  5. The superior ingredients in Resurrection® have also been shown to protect the skin from aging by inhibiting the following:
    • Collagenase
    • Elastinase up to 80%
    • Hyaluronidase up to 100%
    • Free Radicals up to 100%
    • Inflammation up to 100%
    • Matrix Metalloproteinase up to 310%
    • Collagen cross-linking and rigidification up to 48%
    • Glycation up to 86%
    • Tyrosinase

US Patent No. 6, 492, 326

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